A.CE Award


For our 2017/18 application, we will be extending our A.CE scholarship to all Chinese-Canadian students attending the University of Toronto, in addition to our relationship with Western University. We are very excited to be partnering with the University of Toronto Chinese Students and Scholars Association (UTCSSA) for this initiative. We will award one scholarship of $1,500 to each university.


Scholarship Overview

One of CCLF’s initiatives is to institute a scholarship at each participating university to be awarded to a Chinese-Canadian student. This goal of this scholarship is to provide a student the financial assistance required to help him/her focus more on learning valuable skills than to worry about the costs of attending university. Equally as important, the founders of CCLF are looking to award this scholarship to a student who has a similar ideology and character as themselves – someone who is not only looking to advance their own careers, but who is looking to advance the careers of their peers and the greater Chinese-Canadian community.






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